Grant Fulton

Operations Manager

Grant worked in the Royal Air Force for 10 years before joining Corps Security in November 2003.

In his early years with Corps Security, Grant started as a temporary employee but was then promoted to CCTV operator, learning the industry from the bottom up. Moving through the ranks to supervisor provided Grant with a better understanding of staff management. He then moved to engineering support which improved his knowledge of the technical side of the business and customer care. He would work closely with clients and engineers to identify issues with their systems. He would then be promoted to customer server manager and focus on developing relationships and opportunities with many of the higher profile clients as well as a deeper understanding of the commercial aspects of the business. In 2010, Grant was promoted to operations manager for the Corps Monitoring Centre.

He is responsible for leading the operations team within the alarm receiving centre, and the implementation of all business management systems procedures and projects. Grant ensures all day-to-day operational matters are running smoothy from the training and development of our staff to contract maintenance and everything else in between. He works closely with our MD, ensuring he is up to date on all ongoing projects and any other pertinent issues allowing the senior management team to make informed commercial decisions.

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Grant Fulton - Corps Monitoring Centre - CMC