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Corps Monitoring is a CCTV monitoring company and a division of Corps Security.

We provide CCTV sensor activated monitoring and CCTV live surveillance services to businesses throughout the UK across a range of industry sectors.

Keeping businesses secure and employees safe

CCTV monitoring and live surveillance has played a pivotal role in keeping businesses secure and their employees safe during the pandemic.

As we emerge from the past two-years and ‘learn to live with Covid’, many businesses – particularly those working in offices – are expected to embrace hybrid working. This is where employees share their time throughout the week working from home or the office. This newfound flexibility has been a great initiative for workers and their employers in many ways. However, it has meant that some workplaces have had little to no people on site.

This is where the level of risk goes up as opportunists attempt to take advantage of sparse premises. However, employers have been taking the necessary steps to secure their sites through CCTV sensor activated monitoring and CCTV live surveillance. This has added a layer of reassurance to business owners and their staff.

According to data, there were approximately 5.2 million CCTV cameras in operation in the UK in 2020 at the hight of the pandemic. That is the equivalent of one camera for every 13 people. 96% of the UK’s surveillance cameras are owned by private businesses and homeowners.

Approximately 691,000 CCTV cameras are located in London. A further 83,000 are in operation in Birmingham, 58,000 in Leeds, and 46,000 in Glasgow.

CCTV footage can also serve as a deterrent and provide evidence in a Court of Law in the event of an actual crime being committed.

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    “The Corps Monitoring control room operatives are so helpful when our engineers are on site. With other monitoring providers, it’s been a case of the engineer doing their work and telling the ARC to press a button when their work is finished, but that’s not the case with Corps. They help our engineers at every step and the high-end technology that Corps Monitoring deploys makes connections quick, easy and very simple.  We all have peace of mind that the system is installed correctly, and Corps Monitoring are picking up the signal. Corps Monitoring gives me great confidence. When a customer has an alarm sound through the night and they speak to Corps Monitoring, they are met with a personal touch and our customer comes off the phone knowing that they’re looked after. I can rest assured our customers are in safe hands. I know Corps Monitoring won’t let us down.”

    As a CCTV monitoring company, we regularly address misconceptions

    There is a common misconception that monitoring stations consist of banks of CCTV cameras with intruder alarm notifications. Whilst monitors are regularly reviewed, the days of dozens of screens are largely gone. It is much more efficient to have a system in place which identifies an actual event as they happen rather than being distracted by many screens on which nothing is happening most of the time.

    As a CCTV monitoring company, we can monitor anything which produces a transmissible signal and can control it via a relay. This includes opening and closing doors, windows or vents, switching on lights, or operating PA systems. The possibilities are almost limitless.

    Whilst traditional CCTV monitoring technologies such as motion detection still exist, the way we work is evolving fast. Many systems now rely on more sophisticated video analytics, on which you can zone off areas of interest and identify direction of travel. For instance, it will ignore someone walking away from the camera but identify anyone walking towards it). They can also ignore people walking past but identify anyone loitering, and so on.

    The role of CCTV monitoring and live surveillance during quieter periods

    Let’s face it, businesses across all sectors and industries have faced unprecedented periods of extended closure or low occupancy due to lockdowns over the past two years. Who knows what’s around the corner yet? Uncertainty can hinder decision-making and ultimately the performance of a business. CCTV sensor activated monitoring and CCTV live surveillance have been some of the hidden heroes throughout the pandemic, keeping businesses, their employees, and assets safe.

    Many have turned to the benefits that a CCTV monitoring company can bring as this represents a cost effective and consistent solution that doesn’t take time off. These systems involve cameras which signal alerts to an external monitoring centre whose staff can issue immediate alerts to on-site staff or dispatch their own response personnel.

    Some organisations are spread over multiple sites. If this is the case, then remote monitoring solutions can be scaled up or down.

    Within seconds of an alarm activating, our monitoring centre in Glasgow, Scotland, can view and accurately provide verification of the situation. Our sensor activated CCTV monitoring services provide a real-time response to any emergency. Our average CCTV response times are less than 20 seconds – this is well under the NSI Gold requirement which stipulates that 80% of CCTV alerts are responded to within 90 seconds, and 98.5% within 180 seconds.

    False alarms can also be quite common. A fox could be rummaging through bins, or some litter blowing could trigger an alarm. If this is the case, our specialist alarm filtering platform, Umbo, can filter out these false alarms presenting only genuine ones to our operators. This brings massive benefits and creates additional capacity to deal with the genuine threats.

    It’s crucial to be proactive. This approach enables customers to plan ahead and manage potential risks to their business.

    CCTV monitoring and surveillance in the workplace and GDPR

    Businesses require a CCTV monitoring company and live surveillance for many reasons. Staff safety is often a key driver for this, especially in hazardous jobs or potentially dangerous areas. This also ties into health and safety, another key reason for approaching a CCTV monitoring company and installing CCTV monitoring systems.

    Any company using CCTV monitoring or CCTV live surveillance in the workplace must take certain measures and comply with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Any workers in a facility where CCTV monitoring is used must be informed why it is being recorded.

    Companies using CCTV must also take measures to ensure any footage of employees and the general public is stored and used appropriately. Workers also have a right to request footage of themselves if they wish to see it. A business should also explain why employees are being recorded in their own privacy policy. As a CCTV monitoring company, we are on hand to advise customers of their obligations.

    A simple way to ensure workers are aware of CCTV presence is by placing signs around the premises. Not only will this help make staff feel safe, but it will also act as a deterrent for even the most opportunist of criminals.

    CCTV Monitoring Company