CCTV Sensor Activated Monitoring

Your assets. Our watch. Our detection. Our priority.

Sensor activated CCTV monitoring is highly effective in preventing break-ins – protecting your people, property, and assets.

Using a wide range of sensor technologies, sensor activated CCTV monitoring alerts through to the Corps Monitoring Centre the moment unauthorised access or movement is detected. As a professional, accredited monitoring partner, the Corps Monitoring Centre instantly receives the CCTV signal and can deal with the issue in real time.

Rapid response

Via state-of-the-art technology, our professional security operatives can instantly see what is going on and can take relevant action. If it is a false alarm – a piece of rubbish blowing around or a fox, for example – the alarm will be merely recorded in our comprehensive reporting dashboard, Corps Secure. If the incident is of a more serious nature and raises cause for concern, we notify relevant parties or our security patrol team, and take immediate action to resolve the issue, including despatching the emergency services where appropriate.

Within seconds of an alarm activating, our monitoring centre will be able to view and accurately provide verification of the situation. Our sensor activated CCTV monitoring services provide a real-time response to any emergency. Our average CCTV response times are less than 20 seconds – this is well under the NSI Gold requirement which stipulates that 80% of  CCTV alerts are responded to within 90 seconds, and 98.5% within 180 seconds.

Alongside our sensor activated CCTV monitoring services, we can provide patrol officer support or immediate response to an emergency. We can also facilitate pre-recorded or live audible warnings with two-way voice activation. Directly addressing an intruder and relaying voice commands via a tannoy system can be a particularly powerful deterrent.

Not only does having a sensor activated CCTV monitoring system act as a deterrent in many cases, it gives building owners peace of mind that their staff and visitors are safeguarded. This assures them that they can leave their property unattended with confidence that it will remain protected.

CCTV Sensor Activated Monitoring with the Corps Monitoring Centre (CMC)

  • State-of-the-art remote monitoring and alarm receiving services from the UK’s leading security specialist
  • NSI Gold accredited alarm receiving centre
  • BS 5979, BS 8418, BS 8484 and ISO 9001:2015 certified
  • The most advanced monitoring facility in the UK
  • Innovative solutions and optimum service delivery
  • Industry leading Sentinel Plus platform with unrivalled CCTV system compatibility
  • Unrivalled response times
  • Highly trained and qualified experts
  • Multiple sensor technologies supported
  • Around the clock support
  • Comprehensive real-time reporting dashboard

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    “The Corps Monitoring control room operatives are so helpful when our engineers are on site. With other monitoring providers, it’s been a case of the engineer doing their work and telling the ARC to press a button when their work is finished, but that’s not the case with Corps. They help our engineers at every step and the high-end technology that Corps Monitoring deploys makes connections quick, easy and very simple.  We all have peace of mind that the system is installed correctly, and Corps Monitoring are picking up the signal. Corps Monitoring gives me great confidence. When a customer has an alarm sound through the night and they speak to Corps Monitoring, they are met with a personal touch and our customer comes off the phone knowing that they’re looked after. I can rest assured our customers are in safe hands. I know Corps Monitoring won’t let us down.”

    Optimum quality

    We hold the prestigious NSI Gold accreditation guaranteeing optimum service levels, and we also have ISO 9001:2015 certification, which is the world’s most popular standard for quality management. Our performance levels are regularly assessed by the National Security Inspectorate (NSI) against the criteria outlined in BS 5979 and BS 8418, which address the operational capabilities of remote CCTV monitoring and alarm receiving centres.

    Everything you need at the touch of a button

    Our sensor activated CCTV monitoring is complemented by Corps Secure, our unique reporting portal and app. This offers customers full transparency of their portfolio with a live real-time view of their sensor activated CCTV monitoring account. If your property has been at risk of an unauthorised access or fire, you have full visibility at the click of a button. Customers can also manage their finances and download invoices and statements from the same place.

    Our Sentinel engineer portal also allows engineers to automatically test sensor activated CCTV monitoring systems and view the live signals received. This eliminates the need to make calls to place systems on test and check signals. The Sentinel administration portal also allows customers to have an admin view of their account meaning they can make minor changes such as updating key holders and running reports.

    The Sentinel Plus suite enables us to schedule automated reporting daily, weekly, or monthly. This includes incident reports, open/close reports, and portfolio signal summary reports.

    You’re in safe hands with Corps Monitoring. We’re dedicated, alert, and responsive – that comes as standard.

    Seamless integration

    There is a diverse range of CCTV sensor activated monitoring technologies on the market. At the Corps Monitoring Centre (CMC), we ensure that whatever type of device your system uses, we’ll be able to accommodate it.

    Here are just some of the types of sensors that are currently supported:

    • Video analytics
    • Passive infrared (PIR)
    • Vibration
    • Temperature
    • Humidity
    • Pressure
    • Building management
    • Power change
    • Volume/sound change

    Is your system not on the list? No problem. Our flexible systems and open API allow us to connect and support a wide range of sensor activated CCTV monitoring technology.  Get in touch and we can chat through how we can support your system.

    Reduce your manned guarding costs by implementing CCTV sensor activated monitoring services

    Create a cost-effective security model by integrating agile sensor activated CCTV monitoring services with manned guarding.

    All organisations know how important good security is to support their people, premises, and key assets. And as businesses plan their return to the workplace post-Covid, security is high on the corporate agenda. For many organisations, they are in a very different place operationally and financially than before the pandemic. Many are seeking lower operational and facilities costs while also looking for more flexible workplace models than before.

    How much you could save by changing your security model?

    It’s easy and quick to see how much you could save by adopting an integrated approach. Enter your current manned guarding hourly charge rate and the number of security hours in the “Security Savings Calculator” and see how your security costs could be greatly reduced by blending sensor activated CCTV monitoring services with your existing professional and experienced security officers.

    As a CCTV monitoring company with a parent company, Corps Security, that is a leader in manned guarding, we can support you to achieve the most efficient and financially optimised security solutions that are right for your unique needs.

    Manned guarding and CCTV monitoring security shouldn’t be treated as two different ways of protecting a company’s building or people. By taking a holistic approach to security and integrating manned guarding and technology, organisations can enhance their provision while reducing their spend.

    Are you ready to review your security provision and take a more holistic approach to deliver the right result – financially, environmentally, socially, and technologically? Talk to us today about achieving the same level of protection, but at a significantly lower cost.

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