Corps Complete from Corps Security, the leading provider of specialist security services, is a fully integrated service solution that expertly combines the use of manned guarding and technology. Having successfully implemented Corps Complete across a variety of different organisations in a diverse array of vertical sectors, Corps Security believes that facilities managers have the potential to enjoy significant cost savings and operational efficiencies from this innovative approach to security provision.

Corps Complete is based on a holistic view that avoids sub-dividing various services into separate departments and cost centres. It enables Corps Security to assure a comprehensive solution that focuses attention on configuring the most efficient platform for manned guarding and electronic surveillance activities.

‘Our experience has shown that a silo approach to service delivery can lead to a fragmented situation on the ground, where security measures are either missing or even duplicated – a situation that exposes an organisation to unnecessary risk and financial expense,’ said Mark Rogers, Corps Security’s Major Accounts Development Director. ‘Avoiding these scenarios is at the heart of Corps Complete. The service begins with a thorough definition of client and site needs, followed by a detailed survey of the physical premises, culminating in our expert recommendations for the most effective security solution.’

Corps Complete has proven to be highly successful in reducing security expenditure, especially since the cost of manned guarding is for ever increasing. Employing personnel to do a job that can be done just as effectively using technology makes little sense, for example, it isn’t necessary to assign a security officer to operate barriers for the occasional site visitor, do temperature checks, conduct internal patrols or carry out on site CCTV monitoring and alarm setting.

Deploying Corps Complete has already resulted in cost reductions of up to 37 per cent on some sites, without any detriment to security levels through carefully combining manned guarding with electronic surveillance and remote monitoring services offered by Corps Monitoring. This utilises state-of-the-art technology to excellent effect and the implementation of IP based video and audio transmitter/recorder technology can provide the earliest possible warning of a security threat and enables the effective deployment of manned security personnel when needed.

Corps Security’s Mark Rogers concluded, ‘Facilities managers are under enormous pressure to squeeze as much as they can from their budgets. Many consider technology to be more expensive than employing a physical presence, yet the cost of a 24/7 security officer presence on-site can be up to £100,000 per annum. However, just as manned guarding should not be the default option, technology should never automatically replace a human presence. Risks, threats and dangers should always be assessed and acted upon accordingly and that’s why Corps Complete looks at the unique requirements of each organisation and configures a solution that offers maximum protection and minimum cost.’

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