Hello and welcome to this special issue of Corps Relay, aimed at providing you with the important information you need to know to protect you and your business.

We at Corps Relay are aware that many of our readers will be concerned about the cyber-attack that hit the NHS and many other companies globally last Friday. So, what actually happened?

  • The malware – WannaCry – seems to have spread via a computer virus known as a worm. This means it can move around a network by itself instead of relying on humans to spread it by clicking on attachments
  • The malware was asking for a random of $300 (£230) to decrypt the files on the machine
  • There were believed to be more than 200,000 victims in 150 different countries
  • Organisations that were hit range from the Russian Interior Ministry to Fedex to Renault
  • 48 NHS health trusts were hit causing hospitals, GP surgeries and trusts to resort to paper and pen, as well as meaning that ambulances had to be diverted to other hospitals. Routine appointments and operations had also been cancelled
  • Security blogger, known as MalwareTech, accidentally halted the spread of the malware by finding what appeared to be a “kill switch” in the software’s code. However this doesn’t repair computers that were already infected

City of London Police has issued a protection alert in the wake of this attack. You can find it HERE

From our own experience, we understand how it is essential for there to be an air gap between your operational server and your back up server. If anyone has any specific concerns and wish to consult with cyber security specialists we are happy to refer you to our trusted cyber security partner, QCC Global. They can be contacted via their London office as follows

Tel: 0207 205 2100

Website: www.qccglobal.com