Manhattan Truck

Dear Readers,

Following on from last evening’s Terrorist incident in Manhattan, please note the following:


  • Eight people were killed and 11 persons inured on Tuesday afternoon after a truck was driven into a cycleway in lower Manhattan. The location is very close to the site of the 9/11 memorial
  • The assailant was shot in the stomach by police after he exited the truck. Officials later said a pellet gun and paintball gun had been found and some reports state that the assailant shouted ‘Allahu Akbar!’
  • The assailant who is allegedly, of Uzbeki descent, is apparently resident in the USA legally
  • Other, as yet unconfirmed reports, suggested a note or notes had also been found in or near the truck, but these could not be verified
  • New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio said the incident was being treated as an act of terror


This attack reinforces the need to maintain the highest level of vigilance and awareness regarding vehicle ram attacks, and indeed all other forms of terror tactics. These can include: Hot and cold weapons; MFTA (‘Swarm’) attacks; Suicide Bombings; IED and VBIEDs; Acid attacks; and of course Vehicle ram attacks

As a consequence of the above we pose some questions below which we hope will assist you to take practical steps to mitigate the threats from terrorism, including the deployment of IEDs, and vehicle ramming attacks:

  • Are you satisfied with your existing access control physical measures?
  •  Have you assessed whether Hostile Vehicle Mitigation measures are required?
  • Is entry to your premises or estates adequately controlled?
  • Can you deploy security personnel to perimeter areas which enable them to safely look out for vehicles being driven at excessive speed?
  • Are reporting mechanism fast enough to enable prompt activation of lockdowns in the event of a suspect IED being found, or a speeding vehicle being detected?
  • Who has operational control of Security?
  • Are your personnel trained to understand and identify hostile reconnaissance?
  • What contingency plans exist to address situations where someone or something worrying or suspicious is discovered?
  • Do you have updated evacuation and invacuation contingency plans?
  • Are reporting procedures adequate in terms of escalation of concerns, and police support?

‘Top Tips’:

  •  Restrict both pedestrian and vehicular access to authorised persons and vehicles only
  • Maintain a good flow of intelligence and information, including close liaison with local Police and Counter-Terrorism advisors
  • Have the right calibre of trained people in place, including well trained Security teams
  • Carry out regular tests (including Penetration Tests) and drills of all security and safety systems
  • Implement both internal and external security audits
  • Ensure that Contingency and Emergency plans are in place and are easily accessible for all relevant personnel
  • Always ensure that Security teams are alert to suspicious behaviour and activity in or around your subject premises or environment!
  • REMEMBER! It is vital that Access Control and anti-tailgating measures are as robust as possible, and that unauthorised persons are not allowed to gain access to your premises!



The current threat level from international terrorism for the UK was decreased on 27th May 2017 and is now assessed as SEVERE


The threat level for Irish related terrorism is set separately for Northern Ireland and Great Britain

In Northern Ireland it is SEVERE and in Great Britain it is SUBSTANTIAL


  • CRITICAL means that a terrorist attack is imminent
  • SEVERE means that a terrorist attack is highly likely
  • SUBSTANTIAL that an attack is a strong possibility
  • MODERATE that an attack is possible but unlikely


Everyone should always remain alert to the danger of terrorism and report any suspicious activity to the Police on 999 or the anti-terrorist hotline on:

0800 789 321


You may end up saving a life or lives… and there is nothing more rewarding than that…

The following telephone numbers may be useful:

  • Corps Security Central Support 0141 847 2044
  • Specific advice on Counter-Terrorism matters 07773 320234

Editor: Mike Bluestone

Associate Editor: Emma Brooksbank