Corps Monitoring has achieved carbon neutral status after a drive to reduce carbon across the business while offsetting where carbon creation was unavoidable.

Carbon Neutral ­– also known as Net Zero Carbon – is used to describe the state of a company, service, product or event where carbon emissions have been balanced out by funding an equivalent amount of carbon savings elsewhere.  Over the past 12 months, Corps Monitoring has reduced its carbon in a number of different ways such as reducing its diesel fleet and air travel and cutting the use of paper. At the same time, Corps has funded green projects to offset its 477 tons of carbon. This includes a wind-based power generation project in Maharashtra, India which is helping to reduce reliance on coal while also creating more jobs. The project was suggested by Carbon Footprint, which awarded Corps Monitoring with its carbon neutral certification.

Corps Monitoring is also rolling out more electric vehicles and installing electric charging points at its Glasgow and London locations.

“Our move to being carbon neutral is to ensure we met the Streamlined Energy & Carbon Reporting scheme that came in last year. “But we wanted to go one step further and demonstrate that we’re carbon neutral,” said Mike Bullock, CEO, Corps Security. “As an organisation with a 160-year history, we take a very long-term view and we want to make sure the world is around for future generations to appreciate.”