Corps Monitoring Solutions

Corps Monitoring Centre (CMC) provides state-of-the-art  solutions for all your electronic security and monitoring needs.

Personal Protection Services (PPS)


We enhance user safety and provide peace of mind for employers with affordable solutions and increase productivity.

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Disaster Management Service (DMS)


We are deploying a state of the art service which deals with any associated threats, which may leave your business unprotected in a time of need.

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Control and Monitoring Solutions (CMS)


We offer a market defining solution for all building control and alarm systems.

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Managed Monitored Solutions (MMS)


We offer solutions that makes it easier for companies to have complete visibility of what is happening on their sites: at all times

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Managed Monitoring Solutions for all Building Control and Alarm Systems

In order to be able to control and monitor all varieties of modern systems the, Control and Monitoring Centre, in partnership with our strategic partners, provides the most robust and bespoke solutions specially designed to meet the demands of a continually moving technological landscape, improving Industry Standards and our customers’ specific requirements.

‘Corps Monitoring’ offers a market defining Control and Monitoring Solution for all Building Control and Alarm Systems covering HVAC, Lighting Control, CCTV, Access Control, Fire Detection, Perimeter Intrusion Detection Systems (PIDS) & Conventional Intruder Detection Systems. The Control and Monitoring Centre provides services to a wide range of customers across many market sectors; both on an independent basis as well as part of an integrated service incorporating manpower and technology.

We have successfully designed and implemented a significant number of high profile Advanced Security Services, control and monitoring projects across the UK.  Recent years have seen a fundamental shift in thinking as to the way in which advance security services should be approached, resulting in a widely held opinion that the future of Video Surveillance (VSaaS) & Integrated Security as a Service [iSaaS] is the fundamental next stage in security development.