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In order to be able to control and monitor all varieties of modern systems with the CMC which are based in Glasgow and in partnership with our strategic partners, provides the most robust and bespoke solutions specially designed to meet your needs. The demands of a continually moving technological landscape, improving Industry Standards and meeting our customers’ specific requirements is fundamental to us driving our business forward.

‘Corps Monitoring’ offers a market defining solution for all Building Control and Alarm Systems covering HVAC, Lighting Control, CCTV, Access Control, Fire Detection, Water Detection, Gas Aspirating systems, Perimeter Intrusion Detection (PIDS) and Conventional Intruder Detection Systems.

With our heritage in both enterprise security design and specialties in electronics security and monitoring, our core investment has been to offer open and seamless building solution technology control and monitoring, best in class open monitoring software providing a single integrated platform.

By combining these systems and using one unified software platform allows the Control & Monitoring Centre’s operational staff to be able to react to all events taking place internally and externally on our customers’ sites. The ability to receive information and alarms, view, evaluate and react to multiple events and situations arising across various building systems. This enables Corps Monitoring to offer the complete Control & Monitoring Solution.

Our operators can access crucial data 24/7 and receive instant alarm notifications, interconnect critical information back to our customers and predetermined users anytime and anywhere.

Corps Monitoring have successfully designed and implemented a significant number of high profile security guarding, control and monitoring projects both in the UK & I. Recent years have seen a fundamental shift in thinking as to the way in which customers are approaching these projects, resulting in a widely held opinion that the future of Video Surveillance (VSaaS) and Integrated Security as a Service [iSaaS] combined with physical and technology based applications is the fundamental next stage in security development.

Control and Monitoring Solutions (CMS) at the Corps Monitoring Centre (CMC)

  • Open building solution technology control and monitoring
  • Bespoke solutions specially designed to meet your needs
  • Unified Control & Monitoring software platform allowing seamless integration
  • Video Surveillance (VSaaS) and Integrated Security as a Service [iSaaS]
Environmental Monitoring


The growth in renewable energy technologies in recent years has seen solar photovoltaic (PV) and wind turbines become a common feature of the UK landscape.

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CCTV Live Surveillance


As the leading facility of its kind in the UK, we can provide our own dedicated facility that is managed, monitored and maintained by Corps Security’s team of fully licensed security staff and technical experts.

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