Disaster Management Service (DMS)

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With the ever-present threat of terrorist action, of which we have seen examples only too recently, planning for the unexpected forms part of the essential management of any large site or building, in particular where considerable numbers of people may be gathered. If we can be certain of one thing it is that other disasters are waiting to happen.

Corps Monitoring expertise within the electronic security and monitoring marketplace are deploying a Disaster Management Service within the UK and Ireland, which deals with any associated threats may they be an act of terror or natural disaster which may leave your business unprotected in a time of need.

The question is “What”,” Where” and “When” will this happen?

Those entrusted with the vital roles of major incident management and emergency response must constantly plan to mitigate, as best they can, the potential for loss of life and damage to property, which inevitably follows a major incident, and be ready to restore normality as soon as practically possible.

Through the development of our Disaster Management Service we are able to connect directly to the customer’s sites, receive live CCTV footage within seconds of the disaster being reported and take control of the systems within the building by instruction from the customer as agreed previously.
Our Control and Monitoring Centre become the eyes and ears of the disaster unfolding and are able to send live footage directly to the Emergency Services who will directly be responding to the emergency. By utilising Gold, Silver & Bronze command structure process, from the moment that the client initiates communications with our Monitoring Centre, ‘Live’ footage of the event taking place; ‘Pre’ and ‘Post’ event information can be reviewed, conversed and sent directly to the lead Commander in charge.

Working directly with our customers, a unique set of processes and procedures have been developed to dovetail into their existing BCP & DRP (Business Continuity Plans & Disaster Recovery Plans). Pulling all the key elements together to provide this unique service, together with the most advanced technology on the market, Corps Monitoring are delivering an unequalled DMS solution to a number of blue chip customers across UK & I.

Disaster Recovery Measures

Disaster recovery and business continuity planning are integral parts of the overall risk management for an organisation.  Since all of the risks cannot be eliminated, companies are implementing disaster recovery and business continuity plans to prepare for potentially disruptive events.

Both processes are equally important because they provide detailed strategies on how the business will continue after severe interruptions and disasters.

The disaster recovery plan stipulates how a company will prepare for a disaster, what the company’s response will be, and what steps it will take to ensure that operations can be restored.

Business continuity planning suggests a more comprehensive approach to ensure your business is operating, not only after a natural catastrophe, but also in the event of smaller disruptions.  Unlike disaster recovery, business continuity involves keeping all aspects of a business functioning rather than just technology systems.

Disaster Management Service procedures take into consideration the relevant British and ISO standards (such as ISO 22301 – Business Continuity Management Systems and ISO 22320 – Societal Security – Emergency Management- Requirements for Incident Response, and BS16000:2015 Security Management – Strategic and Operational Guidelines)

Disaster Management Service (DMS) at the Corps Monitoring Centre (CMC)

  • Unique set of processes and procedures
  • Developing Business Continuity Plans & Disaster Recovery Plans
  • Utilising the most advanced technology on the market
  • ‘Pre’ and ‘Post’ security event analysis