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Employees across the UK face a variety of different working conditions in diverse types of environments. Some find themselves working indoors within a controlled working space. However others, carry out work in some of the UK’s most hazardous industries where the chances of an accident occurring are much higher.

Certain industry verticals by nature involve employees working in and amongst areas where a higher level of risk is prevalent and where incidents can occur. Airports, power stations and oil and gas industries, Construction and Public facing roles are just a few workplace environments that pose much higher risks. As a result, organisations within these sectors must ensure they have strict safety measures in place at all times to avoid an employee experiencing a dangerous incident or health and safety risk.

Over a number of years, Corps Monitoring have been developing products and services to improve and increase the safety of our customers. Within the Electronic Security & Monitoring Centre, we enhance user safety and provide peace of mind for employers with affordable solutions and increase productivity.

When clients get in touch with us, one of their first questions is often;

“Should we choose a lone worker device or an ‘app’ for our employees – and what is the difference?”

Whether you are looking to deploy a lone working device or an ‘app’, our customers need to know the difference and why one isn’t necessarily a ‘superior’ option than the other and why a lot of our customers choose a mixture of both apps and devices.

The lone worker solution industry has been fast to cater to the market’s growing demand for lone worker apps. Most solutions are now available on all major operating systems (IOS, Android and Windows). Their popularity is so great that that latest update to the BS 8484 lone worker standard has included a section on them.

“So when should you use a lone worker app and in what situations are dedicated lone worker devices more appropriate?”

Risk Profile

It’s all about the customer risk profile. In order for us to be able to advise clients on which option is best, we must first know what type of lone workers they have.

Lone workers have different risk profiles and apps are a great solution for low-risk or infrequent lone workers and as a Health & Safety duty of care device. However, ‘apps’ wouldn’t be appropriate for high-risk lone workers. Devices look more discrete and they are faster to activate in an emergency situation.

Network Coverage

Another thing to consider is mobile phone network coverage. This is the second obstacle to implementing lone worker apps. Where lone working roles are based in the countryside or other remote locations where receiving a mobile phone signal may be quite difficult, a lone worker ‘app’ may not be the correct solution.

In these cases we recommend a dedicated lone working device, specifically made for such situations. If your lone workers only carry out their jobs in defined areas with strong network coverage then this isn’t an issue.

In summary, the most important thing you must do before deciding is to assess the lone working risks. This is something that our clients do before they get in touch, or we can help with this. Please contact us for further advice.

Our smartphones help us discover the best restaurants; circumvent traffic for the fastest route to work, and stay connected with loved ones. And there’s an app to help you do just about everything else with the device you carry in your pocket, including turning your phone into a personal security device.
CorpsGuard has been designed to do exactly that!

Of course, there’s no substitute for common sense when it comes to protecting yourself while moving through your day to day activities at work, on city streets, or while out for social events. Always be aware of your surroundings, trust your instincts to stay away from uncertain situations and let a trusted friend know where you’re going and when you’ll return.

CorpsGuard is a next generation smartphone app that provides enhanced levels of personal safety thanks to a variety of intuitive features. It can be used on Apple iPhone, Blackberry, Android and Windows devices and offers an easy to use but highly effective way to protect lone workers.

Personal Protection Services (PPS) at the Corps Monitoring Centre (CMC)

  • A next generation smartphone ‘app’
  • Personal Protection & Health and Safety solutions
  • Enhanced lone worker protection for those in a wide variety of industries
  • Multiple Operational Locations across the Globe


According to figures from the Office of National Statistics, there are between three to four million lone workers employed in the UK.

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Lone Worker Monitoring


We have are a number of small, lightweight and versatile devices which are very easy to use and adaptable to a user’s specific needs.

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