Intruder Alarm Monitoring

Keeping your people safe and your property secure 24/7

The risk of intruders is a concern for any property owner or manager. With our state-of-the-art technology and 24/7 intruder alarm monitoring we can keep your premises, assets, workforce, customers, and visitors protected from unauthorised access around the clock.

Leading independent specialist security solutions provider

Corps Monitoring is a division of Corps Security, the leading independent specialist security solutions provider in the UK.

Here at Corps Monitoring, we provide a wide range of security solutions including our intruder alarm monitoring. We conduct our services to various market sectors providing services on an independent basis or incorporating manned guarding as part of an integrated solution.

We are proud to be one of the most advanced security monitoring facilities in the UK and hold various accreditations and certifications including National Security Inspectorate (NSI) Gold accreditation, BS 5979, BS 8418, BS 8484 and ISO 9001:2008 certifications.

In Glasgow we have the Corps Monitoring Centre, which is an alarm receiving centre (ARC) that holds the very highest gold ARC II accreditation. This allows our operators to receive instant alarm notifications, access crucial data, and therefore share this information anytime and anywhere with customers and predetermined users. We keep everything secure from private houses to retail premises, and safe deposits sites to Ministry of Defence sites, all with our high-specification intruder alarm monitoring services.

Intruder alarm monitoring benefits:

  • 24/7, 365 days a year intruder alarm monitoring from one of the most advanced monitoring facilities in the UK
  • NSI Gold accredited monitoring centre with BS 5979, BS 8418, BS 8484 and ISO 9001:2015 certifications
  • Sentinel Plus alarm receiving technology
  • Corps Secure real-time reporting dashboard
  • Sentinel engineer/admin portal and automated reporting
  • Visual alarm confirmation when used in conjunction with remote CCTV monitoring
  • Seamless transfer to Corps Monitoring from existing providers
  • Immediate response times
  • Compatible with multiple transmission systems
  • Competitive costs

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    Corps Secure

    Corps Secure, our unique reporting portal and app compliments Corps Monitoring’s bespoke intruder alarm monitoringservice. It provides customers with a live real-time view of their account and full transparency of their portfolio. For example, if a property has been at risk of unauthorised access or fire, then our customer has complete visibility at the click of a button. Additionally, customers are also able to manage their finances and download invoices and statements conveniently from the same place.

    Our Sentinel engineer portal allows engineers to automatically test systems and view all live signals received. This eliminates the need to make calls in order to place systems on test and check signals (however we can still provide this service as and when required), giving the customer more freedom and flexibility.

    The Sentinel administration portal allows customers to have a full admin view of their account, meaning they can make small changes such as running reports or updating key holders. The Sentinel Plus suite allows us to schedule either daily, weekly, or monthly automated reporting. This typically includes portfolio signal summary reports, incident reports and open/close reports.

    Protecting your people, buildings and assets, around the clock

    • State-of-the-art remote monitoring and alarm receiving services from the UK’s leading security specialist
    • NSI Gold accredited alarm receiving centre
    • BS 5979, BS 8418, BS 8484 and ISO 9001:2015 certified
    • The most advanced monitoring facility in the UK
    • Innovative solutions and optimum service delivery
    • The latest technology and installation expertise
    • Fully independent provider
    • Network of trusted, reliable partners
    • Integrated monitoring and manned guarding solutions
    • The ability to monitor systems from over 300 different leading manufacturers
    • Optimum response times and exceptional service levels

    Understanding potential threats – Intruder alarm monitoring

    Understanding the key potential threats to your organisation should be the starting point. Unless the likely sources of potential threat are identified, putting measures in place such as intruder alarm monitoring is difficult. Identifying exposure to risk can come from different aspects, such as city centre location, or those close to major public infrastructure including travel hubs, hospitals or universities are more likely to have higher risk of potential attack compared to others. This is because your business might be caught up in an issue at the neighbouring building, for example a fire, an attack or explosion.

    To know your threats and understand them, you should know your neighbours and their potential threats too. If your organisation is involved in or supplies products/services financial services, oil and gas, meat production, animal testing, arms procurement, tobacco, or gambling then you may be at higher risk than other businesses. You should grasp where you sit on the scale of threat, then you can plan accordingly.

    Intruder And Fire Alarm Monitoring Fact Sheet

    “For the past 4 years Corps Monitoring has provided a large proportion of our intruder & CCTV monitoring requirements, we have always found them to be extremely helpful, flexible and professional, we look forward to many more years of service to us and many of our customers.”

    “The services provided by Corps Monitoring always fit the needs of the clients and problems are always efficiently solved. Grupotec has been working with Corps Security for many years, and we are happy to keep working with such a great team.”

    “For 20 years, Securewais UK has turned to Corps for all our remote and off-site monitoring requirements. Our relationship has grown to the point that two of our senior management team travelled to Glasgow to meet the Corps team at the NOC. We have found the Corps team to be highly effective, technically very well attuned to any new developments, and most importantly friendly and helpful. It is with confidence that Securewais recommends Corps.”

    Pinpoint alerts

    Intruder alarm monitoring systems work independently of CCTV, meaning upon forced entry, a signal is triggered. This signal, sent by intruder alarm panel is received at the Corps Monitoring Centre by the SENTINEL team where it can be focused on via single user interface designed for efficient operations. The alert then triggers and prescribed escalation program agreed with the asset customer. In some cases, a customer may wish to be notified first of an alert, followed by the police, and subsequently an email communication may be sent out to specific list of contacts making all stakeholders aware of any potentially dangerous situation.

    With the advanced technology enabled on the intruder alarm monitoring systems, Corps Monitoring Centre can pinpoint which floor an alert signal has been triggered as well as the specific location of the alert on that floor.

    This demonstrates the importance of a working with a trusted and experienced intruder alarm monitoring provider. Buildings remain vulnerable to intrusion or forced entry at times of closure, so a rapid response limits the chances of damage to assets, loss of inventory or damage to the building, its occupants, or any by-standers. An intruder alarm monitoring system also increases the chances of catching the perpetrator and alerting the relevant authorities. An intruder alarm system could quite simply be life saving. Businesses should never fall into the trap of assuming it will never happen to them.

    Commercial intruders

    Someone must take overall responsibility for the security function, regardless of the size of the organisation. The designated person will need to manage the crisis effectively, particularly in important events such as a fire, robbery, explosion, or other emergency. Ensuring that all the necessary procedures are implemented correctly is extremely important.

    Our intruder alarm monitoring services have been working around the clock to keep commercial premises unscathed throughout the various lockdowns over the past two-years.

    The first series of lockdowns in particular saw burglars targeting shops, pubs, and other empty commercial premises, causing a wave of police forces across the UK to carry out extra night patrols in empty city and town centres. As the UK introduces its ‘learning to live with Covid’ measures, this doesn’t mean commercial property owners should be taking their eye off the ball when it comes to the safety of their premises.

    Living wage

    Corps Monitoring is a member of the Living Wage Foundation’s Recognised Service Provider Leadership Group. The Leadership Group was set up to influence the marketplace around the Living Wage Recognition Programme for service providers, advise on overall strategy relating to the Living Wage and service provider recognition and its promotion in the facilities management and outsourcing sectors.

    The move is part of our commitment to raise the standard of pay within the security sector. We are committed to paying all our head office staff the Living Wage and to offer a Living Wage bid alongside every market rate submitted to prospective and current clients. This means the client always has the choice to implement the Living Wage at the point of tender and there is a pathway towards the Living Wage for the provider in place.

    Corps Monitoring Living Wage Foundation