Corps Monitoring Technical Partners

Serious about security

Since our inception we have developed dynamic, strategic partnerships with some of the world’s best-in-class technology providers.

Develop strong strategic relationships

Our portfolio of excellence is regularly reviewed meaning our customers are assured that they will benefit from the latest advanced solutions. Innovation is our watchword.

Sentinel Plus is our primary operating platform. This intuitive platform consolidates a wide range of different building alarms, CCTV and access control systems into one simple operator interface so we can monitor a range of electronic security solutions at once. Our comprehensive integrations mean we can monitor systems from over 300 different leading manufacturers.  Using this integrated operating platform means we can dramatically increase the efficiency of monitoring centres and respond immediately if a threat is detected.

We monitor all leading transmission systems including:

CSL CSL DualCom Group Ltd

CSL DualCom Group is a leading international Critical Connectivity® provider specialising in Machine-to-Machine (M2M) communications. The CSL DualCom Group encompasses CSL DualCom Security and CSL DualCom Health operating in the UK, Ireland and Sweden.

As the inventors of dual signalling, which combines fixed line signalling with GPRS mobile technology, CSL DualCom pioneered the move from wired to wireless technology in the electronic security industry. CSL DualCom now offers this proven track record in the delivery of critical connectivity between the monitored premises and the Alarm Receiving Centre to a host of M2M sectors.

DualCom is the UK’s bestselling dual signalling system and the preferred choice for hundreds of thousands of professional installations in commercial, retail, and high value residential premises.

BT Redcare BT Redcare

BT Redcare sits at the heart of home and business security, bridging the gap between customers, installers, and Alarm Receiving Centres like the Corps Monitoring Centre. Backed by BT’s trusted technology and the largest R&D budget in the UK, BT Redcare has been leading the way in reliable alarm signalling for over 30 years.

BT Redcare is a market-leading specialist in secure, monitored communications services, which help customers to benefit from automated, intelligent decisions and responses. It is recognised as having a world leading platform for connecting, controlling, and managing remote devices, securely transporting, storing, and managing their information.

BT Redcare serves some of the largest physical security organisations in the world that adopt the highest of standards. The platform operates across a number of market applications; including alarm security, public space surveillance, financial services and building management.

Motorola Solutions Motorola Solutions

Motorola Solutions has brought Avigilon and Pelco under the same roof. The combination of the two brings Avigilon’s AI-powered security solutions together with Pelco’s own video surveillance systems.

Avigilon Security Solutions are designed as easy-to-use software and hardware IP network products that include image capture, analysis, storage, transfer, and playback of high-quality video surveillance footage with visually lossless compression (no perceptible loss of visual detail), and electronic access control management.

Pelco designs, develops, and manufactures predictive video security solutions, including video surveillance cameras, video management and recording systems, security software, and aligned services.

The Corps Monitoring Centre’s (CMC) approach to technology

  • Strategic partnerships with the world’s leading technology providers – we only work with the best
  • One of the most technologically advanced monitoring facilities in the UK – we continue to upgrade and improve
  • Full integration of Sentinel Plus operating platform – one interface, multiple monitoring
  • Sentinel Plus alarm receiving technology from Monitor Computer Systems
  • An ongoing commitment to using the latest technology – innovation is our watchword
  • The ability to monitor systems from over 300 different leading manufacturers – flexible solutions at hand