Corps Monitoring Reporting And Transparency

A 360° view of your security

Transparency in a security providers’ operations and reporting should be paramount.

Corps Monitoring provides a full reporting dashboard

It’s essential for customers to know that your security partner has your company’s best interests at heart. But excellence in security today goes far beyond a reasonable price and meeting KPIs.

Leading manned guarding solutions should have an accessible and intuitive customer portal through which customers can access relevant information about the services provided. Such portals are less common for remote monitoring solutions, but we believe that they should be one of the priorities of any provider.

Corps Monitoring provides a full reporting dashboard, Corps Secure, as standard. This allows customers, installers, and partners to access a complete overview of the security operation at site level, whether that’s just electronic monitoring or a combination of remote monitoring and manned guarding. Corps Secure is available on desktop or via mobile app and reports information in real-time. It shows alarms that are active, how many times an alarm has sounded, how many officers are on duty and their tasks in addition to the facility to download reports directly whenever they are required. Our customers have access to everything they need when they need it.

Corps Secure – everything you need at your fingertips. For a complimentary demo of our reporting dashboard get in touch today.

We also offer our Sentinel engineer portal. This allows engineers to automatically test systems and view the live signals received, eliminating the need to make calls to place systems on test and check signals (however we are still here to provide this service as and when required).

The Sentinel administration portal also allows customers to have an admin view of their account meaning they can make minor changes such as updating key holders and running reports.

The Sentinel Plus suite allows us to schedule automated reporting either daily, weekly or monthly. This typically includes incident reports, open/close reports and portfolio signal summary reports.

Corps Secure:

  • User friendly. Intuitive user interface accessible on multiple devices including via smartphones.
  • Real-time data. Security is data-driven. Corps Secure collects and interprets that data so you don’t have to. Elements such as site statuses and site use statistics can all be stored in one place. These are regularly updated with real-time data to guide accurate decision-making.
  • Current status. Alongside real-time data, the portal shows the status of any onsite tech such as alarms and sensors. This can simplify the process of checking in on what needs to be done. Currently, a faulty alarm or camera may trigger an email to all relevant people. If it is repaired or flicking on- and offline, this can result in multiple emails being sent. Corps Secure will immediately show the current status of the device, saving you from hunting through a series of emails.
  • All the paperwork in one place. One of the biggest advantages of Corps Secure is keeping all relevant information in one place. Reports can be easily downloaded directly from the portal without having to submit a request. Invoices are collated, and new equipment can be ordered with forms accessed through the portal.